“A black belt is a white belt who never quit.”


I’m going to share a bit of my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Journey in the 4 weeks I stayed in Brazil. I  visited some of my friends academies and had a lot fun over there.

First Academy I visited was the Arena Clube Cuiaba and the black belt professor is a very good and close friend of mine Nemer Fares – Gracie Barra. Actually, he was the one that introduced the BJJ to myself. I could feel on my skin that famous phrase:  “A black belt is a white belt who never quit.”

Why I say that? Because, I had my first experience with Jiu-Jitsu 2 weeks after he started. He continued with his journey and I quit after 6 months. At that time 16 years ago, were small BJJ community compared to nowadays. Some of my old team mates are nowadays famous in the MMA industry, some have their own schools, some continues under the Master Chicao helping the academy and some like me decided other journeys. I’m glad I’m back and so happy to see my friend being 2nd degree black belt. Well, I was kinda sad and mad when I saw him with his belt, because he could be tried hard to make me stick with BJJ and we both would be black belts now, well, maybe. Anyway, I felt like I should ket training but the life brought me to other journeys and now I’m back!

I went to his school and had a fun class and felt proud in to be there. I could represent my team over there sparing with his students. His school has a good amount of white belts, since is a new academy. I rolled with almost all of his students and left there feeling very proud seeing his journey. Below some pictures from that day.



I visited other 3 academies over there. My hometown is Cuiaba located in the state of Mato Grosso. I was amazed in to see how the BJJ community has grown and has so many schools in my hometown. I only visited the schools where my friends were the professors.

The school I visited for the most was Coliseum Gym – NS Brotherhood. The lead professor is other close friend of mine Luiz Tymao. I met him when he was a blue belt, now he is a 3rd degree black belt. He has a very strong team with awesome higher belts. I didn’t train everyday because my goal there was spend time with family and heal my ankle. I was usually training over there and one near my moms home. I highly recommend train at Coliseum in Cuiaba in case you are around.

Random pictures at Coliseum Gym.


Now, you know why I recommend Coliseum, right? Yes, the champ Leandro Lo was there.

These few weeks I was there I saw my old friends that continued with their journey achieving the most and Ive also saw friends that before didn’t practice before and now they are on fire training everyday. I guess, most of them take the phrase real ly serious onto their black belts. Thats why we see lots o brazilians achieving their goals on IBJJF championships.

I was so grateful in to have friends doing BJJ there and so amazed in how they wanted train anytime, anywhere.

My friend Marlon gave me couple private classes at school that belongs to my moms neighbor. The funny part is that I saw the owner growing up and I used ro drive him nuts and now he run a Bjj school in a block away from mym moms home. Jiu-Jitsu is everywere in Brazil and was so nice to see it. Next year, I will try as much I can, train with all them.

So, next time you go to Brazil, try to visit Cuiaba and stop at these schools. You are going to have fun and learn with them. IMG_9408

I will continue onto next post…



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