Biker Jacket


Summer is coming and I will need to say goodbye for my leather jacket for while. It’s getting pretty warm to wear it. This Classic Biker jacket is made of Cowhide leather, so you know you’re getting a lifetime jacket. I don’t need to worry in to wear now because I will probably keep for a long time. This jacket has so many compartments that you don’t really need a bag, because has pockets for sunglasses, mobile phone, keys and extra pockets for make up lol.  I wore a few times this last couple weeks and want to share  some of my looks in different occasions. The jacket  has removable zip-out lining and some classic braided details.  A classic Biker jacket that I will wear over and over again. I’m a huge fan of Biker Jackets. I do have a few but none has compartments likes this one which I think is amazing because every time I go for a ride with hubby carrying my bag or backpack is such a pain.  Now with this jacket I use the internal pockets for everything.  Like they say: It’s the real deal! I hope Viking Cycle makes different styles in the future. Because they did such a great job on this  Women’s Cruise Jacket. If you are looking for a Classic Biker jacket, this is your guy.  They also have cool styles for men in their website, check them out at

It’s pretty versatile don’t you think?

Now, I just need a Bike.  I would love to have a Ducati Scrambler.

Do any of you ride a bike?

I will add details of those looks in other posts.

👋 😘


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