Lets make a Difference with Diff Sunglasses

For who knows me personally, they aware that I love help people. I also love to support companies that helps to make a difference in the world. That’s why I want share about Diff Eyewear. Why Diff Eyewear? Well, first of all the company has a mission on top of each sale. Second: They do the nicest, stylish  and reliable polarized sunglasses on the market.  They have a program called:  “BUY A PAIR, GIVE A PAIR” that promises that every pair sold, a pair of reading glass is donated to someone in need. Can you imagine if all the clothing,shoes,accesories companiers start doing this our world would be less misery that it is. If you never been in a trd world country you should do before you die. I believe you would have a better perspective in your life. Maybe you are the kind of person that wish your life is better and doesnt do nothing to get better, or you are the kind of only complains about everything people does for you or you are that one that work, work and only think about yourself. Anyways, the world is way more than just you and has so many people in need even besides you. If I could I would help lots of programs and comunities in differents countries. I have my own entities that I help and willing to help others too.

I believe that if more people gets knowledge about Diff and start use their products, more help they can offer. So, if you can’t go to Africa, Diff goes for you. They have this  Eyes on Africa is DIFF’s original charity partner. Founded by Sherry Grigsby in 2005, it is a nonprofit organization that provides eyeglasses to communities in Africa without access to vision care. Throughout their  partnership, they have provided the gift of sight to over 20,000 people. Thats amazing!!! So, if you, me and alot other people start purchasing sunglases from them now on, they will help way more.

They partner up with SVOSH (Student Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity) optometry students travel to developing countries and provide eye exams, vision assistance, and treatment to marginalized communities who lack access to vision care. In 2017, DIFF’s partnership with SVOSH is projected to restore vision to over 10,000 people worldwide.

This week starting today Dec 11th they start a 12 days sale and today they are offering 40% off on my favorite sunglasses which is the model Bella.

I have 2 pairs and I’m looking to buy other ones.

These below Ive been using everyday. I do drive alot and I carry them on my truck so all the time I’m changing wearing them all day long. Depend how I feel I wear the black or the cookie & cream. Ive been receiving so many compliments on this one below:

Bella Cookies & Cream with Pink Mirror Polarized lenses. Today is on sale from $85.00 to $51.00 and if you click on this link and put your email you will receive extra $10 off.              I wish someone told me about this before and I would save extra 10 bucks.


My second favorite is the Bella Black Frame with Grey Polarized lens.                        I believe almost everybody has a classic black sunglases. But, this one is handcrafted and so stylish, also protect your eyes with Polarized lens with 100% UVA/UVB Protection. Has lots of squares sunglasses on the market for all prices but not all offer polarized sunglasses. All the polarized lenses by Diff has 100% UVA/UVB protection abd Premium scratch resistant lenses.  They are Designer hand cut acetate frames with custom molded metal temples and comes with a high quality case.



Now, that you know, please visit the website and choose the style you like. You can also shop at Nordstrom.

They have tons of styles and colors. You are going to love each one of their sunglasses.

Here is the link for the extra $10 off.

Let me know if you bought one and share with me the model and style. Lets make a difference together!


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