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I’m back and I want to share with you guys about my new GI. The Elite Sports company reached me out and gave me this bright and super cool Gi to review. I love Pink and this one is my second Gi in pink color. Who knows me personally or follow me on Instagram knows that I’m obsessed with vibrant colors. I love that Elite Sports offers a good variety of colors like gray, black, pink, Azul and white. My favorite, of course, is pink.

They send me this Ultralight Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi in the size A1. It is pretty big for me and I feel so tiny inside. I didn’t care and I wore and trained wearing it. It’s pretty fun color and motivates you to train. Also, you can wear at Tap Cancer Out Tournaments.

The Gi is made from a light-weight 400gsm weave preshrunk fabric and won’t shrink which made me sad because I washed 3 times and dried in a high heat hoping would shrink, but didn’t happen. I will repeat and hopefully shrink a little bit. Anyway, if you want a gi that it’s giving a hard time to shrink this is your Guy.  Their cut is IBJJF approved, but the pink color is not.

The Gi has beautiful color, is very lightweight and great quality. Elite Sports offers great customer service, also are easy to be reached out in case you need return or exchanges.

I took some photos with my Gi to share with you guys.

You can find more info about the Gi and other items at Elite Sports website.

The best thing about this Gi is the price its only $64.99 at Amazon. Click on the banner below to see their sizes and colors available.

Below a video of me wearing the Gi practicing a technique with my professor.

What are your favorite Gi brand and what color? Let me know in the comments below.

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