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Like I said in a post about Whey.  I will be posting about the essentials supplements for who wants to have good results in your Fitness Journey. We are all motivated with new resolutions for 2018. So I believe if you are in this jouney like me, you definitely need to  get advantages of the supplements on the market.  On this post I will talk about Casein. We all know that  milk is essential for a complete and balanced diet, this
a lot of people know. In addition to being one of the best sources of calcium,
It also helps the immune system by preventing diseases such as
hypertension, dental caries, dehydration, respiratory problems,
etc. Nutrients from milk are essential to avoid
a number of chronic diseases.
Casein is present in milk and today its extract is
great utility for those who seek hypertrophy. But what is the
casein? What is its function in the body? We will see all this and one more
little to follow.

What is Casein?
Casein is a phosphoprotein-like protein found in milk
fresh, mainly in what comes from the cow (it makes up 80%
of the protein found in this milk) and humans (from 20%
to 45%). It is a little water soluble (hydrophobic) protein that
It is also used in the production of milk derivatives, such as
and in the manufacture of adhesives, plastics and as
food and pharmaceutical products.
Your body’s digestion usually takes more than twice as long
of time, compared with other protein-rich supplements,
for protein synthesis and absorption of amino acids
essential elements that are present in your formula.
Casein can achieve up to 7 hours of action in the body because
this is sensitive to the acid pH present in the stomach and this
that its absorption by the walls of the digestive system is more
gradual. The release time of the amino acids of its formula is
more prolonged than other supplements rich in protein.
In some cases, the slow absorption of amino acids promotes
better results for those who want to gain muscle mass. At
Rapid absorption proteins are well accepted before and after the
physical exercises; those of slow absorption, as is the case with
casein, are best accepted throughout the day, with more
are beneficial compared to the others, since they are liberated in a
gradual according to the needs of the body.

Comparing casein to other protein-rich supplements,
it can be observed that this has many benefits that the
best evaluated by consumers. Because it is slow
casein is best utilized by the
during the day and, in addition, it helps to reduce the
which characterizes it as anti-catabolic.
Another benefit of casein is the fact that it has a
glutamine, which was around 20.5%, a higher value than the
soy and egg, for example. This amino acid found in
casein can help the muscle during intense exercise and
during the rigid diet. In addition, casein helps regulate the
transport of proteins in the intestine, since it tends to form a
kind of gel. This reduces the speed of
amino acids, helping to absorb them, proteins and
peptides by the part of the digestive system.
We can cite that casein has a high level of
glycogen amino acids, including threonine, glutamine, and arginine.
These amino acids are essential for the production of glucose and
energy during physical exercise,
within the muscle.
Finally, another benefit of casein is that, according to one
a UK study, it helps prevent cavities and other
tooth problems. This is explained by the fact that casein
prevents enamel erosion and is highly recommended for
people whose diet (rich in soft drinks, sweets etc) can
the health of teeth.

How to take
The use of casein is indicated for the night period, before
to sleep. Because it is a slow-absorption protein, it is indicated for
This time of day, therefore, during sleep, we remain hours without ingesting
food, and for those looking for increased
your goals. Casein is an excellent anti-catabolic
which acts from 7 to 8 hours – perfect for acting overnight
whole sleep.
The quantity to be taken varies according to the needs
of each individual’s daily protein, however, is indicated in
packaging of each brand of casein

Does casein lose weight?
A study carried out in the Netherlands shows that increasing
amount of casein consumed during the day
patients accelerate their metabolisms while they sleep,
decreasing, also, their total fat.

These below are the ones I have tried and reccomend. In m personal opinion they are good ones.

Casein                                                  Gold Standard 100% Casein – Chocolate, 2 pounds

  • Provides a sustained release of muscle building amino acids to support muscle growth and recovery
  • 25 grams of 100% micellar casein, 5 grams of BCAAs & 2.3 grams of L-Leucine per serving
  • Ideal for overnight sustained muscle growth and repair
  • Banned substance tested & gluten free.
    • Made Exclusively With Micellar Casein
    • 24 Grams of Slowly Digesting Protein Per Serving
    • Use Between Meals to Support Satiety and/or Before Bed as Your PM Protein
    • Nearly 5 Grams of Naturally Occurring BCAAs per Scoop
    • Made in GMP Certified ON Owned and Operated Facilities. Nearly 5 Grams of Naturally Occurring Glutamine and Glutamic Acid per Scoop. 

Has so many on the market and I’ve tried from Cellucor and BSN but I still like these 2 .

How about you? Do you take Casein? Please, let me know commenting below.




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  1. Very interesting post! Which do you currently take? I want to gain muscle but not gain fat obviously. Which of those 2 do you recommend? And you take this before you go to sleep? I am currently taking “Designer whey Protein.” Gourmet Chocolate flavor.

    1. I’m so sorry just saw now! I do take the casein from Optimum Nutrition in chocolate flavor. I do mix with Greek yogurt. When I do my shakes I will record and tag u on IG.

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