December my favorite month

December is my favorite month of the entire year.

Those are the  few reasons:

  • Is the month that I was born;
  • Is the month of my parents got married.
  • Is the month that I spent more time with  my husband since day one that we met.
  • Is the month that I keep the most of my childhood memories with my family.
  • Is the month that I ate alot and dont feel bad.
  • Is the month that I feel so much grateful because I see what I’ve been thru during the year and makes me to have a different perspective of my future.

All over internet we see talking about goals achievemet and etc… Is the month where a lot people set up their dreams and goals. But wouldnt be better if we think about in the entire year.

I didnt achieved all my goals that I set up last year, but I did had lots of emotions that I never thought I would have. But im so grateful that I had a year full of blessings. I visited my family in Brazil. I spent time with family and friends and made new ones.

I had the opportunity to compete in bigger tournaments, work in different evens and meet  amazing people. I never thought my life would be surrounded with Jiu-Jitsu lovers and this year most of my time was around them. It’s incredible as a sport that would be for stress releaver turned into a lifestyle. Because is what Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is for me. I’m not a good fighter that goes at tournament and wins and get applause. Maybe I would never be. But, I’m a woman that love this martial art and is thirsty for to learn more and more.  As a BJJ lover we all set up goals all the time and I do all the time but the truth is a few of my goals has been achieved. I planned lst year do most the tournaments I could. I put my name is so many, cancelled last minute and one I even didn’t show up because of a injury. This year I cried alot and fought against myself so many times and discovered a balance and when I put a balance on it I stopped to have these battles.

I got hurt and I felt the taste of being off the mat with this I learned to value in the academy that I am a student and to the teachers that I have, along with my my close friends of my team who made available their time to change sweat with me. The year is ending and I could contemplate with my eyes and feel in the depths of my heart that I have not only acquaintances, professors and team mates but friends that I can take with me wherever I go. I have lived many emotions and most of them alongside my husband, friends and family and I will be eternally grateful for all this. Respect and gratitude for you who have shared some of your time with me this year. Know that I love you all and I am learning to respect each other’s personality.

A few memories registered in pictures:



May the year 2018 be filled with emotions with all of you.

Ciao, Jelly.


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