Red Jumpsuit

Let me tell you something: I don’t always have the time and energy to spend to pick a outfit or even be trying at home. Let be honest it takes a lot time sometimes. I went to Singapore last month and only brought few clothes.

I got Jet-legged after almost 19 hours flight, feeling bloated with the food and drinks. Anyway, my point is when you feel like you dont know what to wear. I can help you with:  Just choose this staple piece which is a jumpsuit. Also, if you like vibrant colors, you cant go wrong with red. Believe me on this!
Aside, from the fact that a jumpsuit makes the quickest throw-on-and-go ensemble in the game, it’s also the perfect base which you can experiment a little bit and let your personal style shine.
This one below is what I wore and I also chosed some of my favorites that I found on line. 
My jumpsuit is from Superdown and is sold on line at Revolve for $82.00


Hopefully you find one that yell your name.

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