Fashionable Fitness gear

What a woman won’t feel motivated to workout with newer and cool gear?

Sometimes is ok, to wear black. But don’t you think workout needs some energetic colors for to boost your energy? When I feel ultra motivated I wear colorful outfit in the colors yellow, green, pink, sometimes mixing it up. But I do like the couple gray & black.

I want share with you a Brazilian Brand called LabellaMafia.  I love and highly recommend. I have leggings that I bought over 3 years ago and still looking pretty good. Some got faded since I wash them in high heat and dry on my dryer.

Where I go wearing them I receive a lot of compliments. They’re very comfortable and fits like a glove. I wear for to lift, train Jiu Jitsu and I wore once to compete in a Jiu-Jitsu tournament without to worry about rip off or show my underwear.  They have a huge collection in Brazil releasing models every week. Unfortunately in United States they don’t have the same inventory yet.

Those are the styles I liked and I will leave the link below for you to visit the store on-line and learn more about. I’m recommending because they are very good quality and shape your body even giving you curves that you don’t have, thank you for the Brazilian cut style.

Classic black & white Leggings with a modern look


Playful prints


Smart Technology

The innovative material used in this legging above has some benefits like:

– Helps muscle fatigue.

-Facilitates blood circulation.

-Improves skin elasticity.

-Produces thermal balance.

-Average compression

It’s on my wish list.


Cute tops that you can actually wear outside of the gym.


Fashionable sneakers

They also have Mens gear, Bikinis, jumpsuits, sweatpants and much more…

Below was me wearing their leggings in my No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu Tournament. This is one of the reasons I approve their quality. Over 3 years wearing and still have the same elasticity, just got faded because I wash in a sanitizer mode, since I wear for to train on the mat or gym.


For more info about LabellaMafia check it out their web store they also offer sales and discounts.

Hope you like their fitness line.

Love, Jelly.


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